I was able to fix my 20 yr old dryer for $150


That was a lot cheaper than a newer one that was smaller for $500. Plus, in the last 20 years they haven’t become more efficient so there’s no cost savings on the electric bill.
I bet you could fix your dryer yourself. I watched YouTube videos and it works like it is brand new.
I even fixed the sensor wet/dry cycle that hasn’t worked in years. I don’t care for that option because the heavy clothes never get quite dry, but it’s a choice now. Give it a try. You could learn something new and save a ton of money!

Retirement travel blog: Hardwork U a revisit


Well as I warned you I have been working on blog posts ever since I have been home. I had been putting off posting about them to try and put them up in the order we visited the places. However, due to editing work on some of the posts I have not posted about the ones that were already up. Thinking I would put them up in happening order while I had daily access to wi-fi.
Well it looks like, maybe, just maybe our camper is going to be ready sooner than we thought (keep your fingers crossed) so I’ve decided to go ahead and let you guys know of the ones that are up with all the links active so far so I can spread them out and not overwhelm you.

So let’s start with our revisit to the College of the Ozarks, aka: Hard Work U. This series of posts (3 in total) are about the various things we did on the campus and reviews of those items. Most of which were FREE to see/do. So if you are interested here is the first post, with a link in it also back to when we visited it last fall.

I’m confused by this story and comment


Why would collecting rainwater in rain barrels be a bad idea or illegal? Just trying to understand the concern and why it would ever be illegal. Have I missed something in the thread? Is it because it is considered gray water in some way?

We have rain barrels and use the collected water in our yard and garden. My assumption is that would the use of the water barrels mentioned below.