One of my pet peeves is that DR doesn’t endorse ETFs


They are cheaper than mutual funds and are basically mutual funds you can buy/sell during trading hours. DR thinks people will just day trade ETFs and he is completely wrong. Yes, you could just like stocks, but most intelligent investors know better. I buy on big dips in the market, like the Friday of Brexit. Market was down 500 points and I bought some shares. Then at the end of the day the market went down to 611. If you bought a mutual fund, your NAV settles at the 611 down prices, while I was able to buy at the 500 down level. I have also bought when the market is down and during the day the market went up. I don’t know why DR can’t just say ETFs are good, just don’t day trade.

We are about 4 years away from retirement. We both have pensions we vest in within 2-4 years, so it seems silly to walk away from a potential $60K a year. We plan to never spend another summer in Houston once we retire.

Our trips this year have been to London, New Orleans for a cruise and we are going on another cruise in September from NY to Canada and going skiing in Tahoe for Xmas. Life is good.