Hi everyone!


I am Janina in Atlanta, GA. I’ve been working the Dave plan since April 2014. Still on Baby Step 2. Feel SO much more optimistic about life working with my finances in this way. Looking at my workbook, I started with my total non-mortgage debt at $28,873. That was 3 credit cards/plans, and my student loan. It is now ~$11,000, and that is exclusively my student loan. This time next year (if not earlier) I hope my student loan will be a vague memory. Have my initial emergency fund PLUS. I am workin really hard in this Gazelle mode. Currently work permanent p/t as a grant proposal writer, have a contract for another writing gig, teach yoga and do voice-overs and audiobooks. I am planning to continue this push through the end of 2016, at which point, I plan to let go of the contract. (This gazelle is gettin really tired of running.) If I’m lucky the student loan will be paid off by then, but at worst I should be left with ~$3,500.

Really grateful for starting the Dave plan. I had a moment today that reminded why this is so important. I budgeted money for HVAC maintenance. (Air conditioning is CRITICAL in Atlanta this summer.) I used Angie’s List to pick someone and used one of their sales.The guy came by today. Not surprisingly, there was work to be done beyond what was prepaid. To the tune of $600. I think it’s worth it. But because I have the money, there was no panic, I just transferred the funds and can keep stepping. What a wonderful feeling.

I’m single, child is 28 and lives in another state.She’s doin really well. Even though I came to FPU at 53, I was able to draw her into it. And I’m proud to say she has no debt and is an FPU coordinator.